The wine buyers look for opportunities to buy the wines during their auction. These auctions could be held by the vineyards or wineries, called the En Primeur and also by the importers who import to wines and sell these to the retailers after they bid for the same. The special focus is for participating in the auctions organized by the wineries since there the wines can be got at the least possible prices. But, what is the difference between the En Primeur wines and the wines sold en primeur? These two terms are used commonly and interchangeably but there is a difference between these.

The former are the wines which are put on sale only two months after the grapes are harvested. This practice originated from the Beaujolis region. The latter, on the other hand, is a wine which is to be delivered after two or three years. The latter is sold and the part payment is received before two or three years of bottling the same. This practice originated from the vineyards in Bordeaux. There is also another term called ‘new wine’ which is used to refer to a wine which is bottled before the springtime and this happens before the next harvest of the grapes.

The wines are offered en primeur due to a number of reasons. There is a greater security and coverage of the risks associated with it. The wineries get the money for the next season. The wine companies get the wines cheap and these can also serve as avenues of investments. They can make a profit by selling them at market prices after two or three years when the wines are bottled and shipped to them. The role of wine tasters is crucial here since their tasting and grading helps to take the buying decisions. It requires good amount of experience in wine tasting to determine what the taste of the wine will be after two or three years when the wines will mature.

The market of the wines futures is uncertain. No one can say what will be the market price of the wine a few years down the line. There are good chances that the expected returns may not come on the wine sales because the market price of the wines may go down. Even if the returns are less, there will definitely be a good hike in the prices of the wines, if the purchase is made at the en primeur.

The customers can buy the wines locally or internationally online. The wine online sales are quickly picking up as more and more people are using the internet to make the purchases. Even the best of the European wines, which were not to be easily seen, can now be bought from the sites of some of the biggest dealers around the world, provided they provide the delivery to your country. Internet can also provide the information on the en primeur and other auction events that are being held globally.

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