I often wonder how wonderful it would have been if there was a time machine and people could travel through time. I would definitely take a step back and go back in history and see how things were in old times. You may not have the chance to visit the past, but you can definitely see the wonders of the past in present time. All you need to do is take a tour of a land that is rich with history, a land that has preserved the old beauty until today. And if you are wondering where you can come across something so magnificent, then Madrid is the place to go. Let your first stop be the Cathedral de Santa Mara la Real de la Almudena. The construction of the building started in the late 1800’s and was finished in 1993. The building is a combination of both neoclassical and gothic design. The primary material of construction is granite as well as marble. One interesting feature of this church is that it is oriented north and south, not the usual orientation of a church that is east and west.

If you are in Madrid for a big surprise, then Templo de Debod is the place to go. There you will find an exquisite Egyptian temple. Now brace yourself for the surprise the temple is not a replica, it is authentic. This sanctuary was built in the 4th century BC at the Debod village, which is located near the Philae Island. The island is considered as a sacred temple island. This temple is was dedicated to the gods Amon and Isis. Now this is something you do not see every day.

Passionate about theater? Then royal theater is the place to go. This 3-storied building is reputed for being one of the greatest opera houses in Europe. Great performers like Wagner and Verdi have walked the stages of this theater. But that is not all, many of the great opera singers of Europe have performed in the theater, thus enhancing its glory and making it a great monument. Do not miss the chance to enjoy opera in such a great theater.

Adventure lovers will definitely not want to miss Plaza dew Colon, two gigantic monuments dedicated in memory of Christopher Columbus and his journey to America. This monument was established in 1893, to celebrate the 400th anniversary of Columbuss journey. The first monument has a statue of the great explorer on top of a tall column. The statue faces the east looking at the vast open sea. There is a beautiful fountain at the base of the column, and steps beneath the fountain that lead to a cultural center called Cultural de la Villa. There you can enjoy concerts, ballet shows and much more. Puppet shows are also organized there for children.

Not far from the monument, there is another monument that is shaped slightly like an anchor. This anchor is made of cement and on its body are quotes from famous philosophers. Along with the two monuments, there are several gardens there that are called the gardens of discovery. In spring time the gardens are filled with colors. Make sure you take lots and lots of pictures, as the combination of so many colors together is hard to find.

I believe reading will only give you a bit of knowledge. If you want to enjoy the beauty and charm of any place, you would have to visit it. So what are you waiting for? Take a break from work and go see the beauty Madrid has to offer.

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